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2nd Portuguese Conference on Marine Waste

Flash presentations


Session  I  -  September 19 18:00

  • CleanAtlantic: Active Ocean Literacy – Renato Monteiro, FCT-NOVA


  • Marine Waste in the Ocean Literacy Project "Ambassadors for Biodiversity" -   Claudio Duarte, FCT - NEW


  • DeTodos (working title) - Ana Silva, UmaCasa ​​

  • A year of school at A Minha Praia – awareness of the problem of marine litter using citizen science as a tool – Licínia Gouveia, Centro Ciência Viva de Tavira

  • Seafood WITHOUT GARBAGE – Raquel Gaspar, Ocean Alive ​​


  • Plasticus maritimus , an invasive species – Ana Pêgo,  Plasticus maritimus project

Session  II -  20  September 15:30


  • Skizo by iRcycle – André Facote, Skizo by iRcycle

  • Reducing EPS marine litter in the North East Atlantic – Filipa Ferreira, FCT-  NEW

  • CAPonLITTER - Capitalize on good coastal practices and improve policies for the prevention of marine litter - José Carlos Ferreira MARE, FCT- NOVA

  • CleanAtlantic – Pedro Sepúlveda, DROTA, Madeira

  • Plastic in sight - A life with less plastic and more awareness - Adriana Magalhães, Essays and Dialogues Associação - EDA

  • Social and Environmental Awareness and Public Policies for the Proper Disposal of Cigarette Butts – Jade Freire,  NEW FCSH

  • Oceano Azul Foundation and Marine Waste - Flávia Silva

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