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Announcement of Chef Fish Contest Winners
March 15, 2016 - World Consumer Day
And the Chef Fish winners are....

Together with APA (Portuguese Environment Agency), DGE (Directorate-General for Education), WWF-Portugal (World Nature Fund) and  DECO, promoter of the Chef Fish project, APLM was part of the competition's jury  Chef Fish whose winners were announced on World Consumer Day  (March, 15).

This contest, developed with the support of APLM, aimed to  raise awareness of the importance of making healthy and sustainable choices in the  consumption of seafood, inviting students from the 1st cycle of education  to secondary/professional education to produce videos of recipes that  reveal these choices, demonstrating respect for the Ocean and its  resources.

In total, 93 videos were submitted from 40 schools across the country, involving  280 participants. Meet the winners on the DECOJovem website.


The Video Gallery is available here .

APLM was present at Greenfest 2015 which took place from 8 to 11 October at FIARTIL, Estoril

for a sea without garbage


WE HAVE THE POWER TO CONTRIBUTE TO A BETTER WORLD - Greenfest , the biggest sustainability event in Portugal, reminds us that, through a small action, we all have the capacity to change the world. And that's precisely what APLM did, joined the initiative, at stand 58, where we share some of the work we do to reduce marine litter. 

APLM collaborates with DECO on the Chef Fish project

for a sea without garbage


O  Chef Fish Project, conceived and implemented by DECO, with the support of APLM, invited students from the 1st cycle of basic to secondary education to produce videos of cooking recipes for seafood (fish, shellfish and shellfish) that reveal healthy choices and sustainable for the sake of respecting and preserving the Oceans and their natural resources. The launch of this project took place on November 16th. APLM collaborated with DECO in the preparation of the Contest e-book, which aimed to provide a comprehensive perspective on the subject, namely in the writing of the chapters “The 7 Essential Principles of the Ocean” and “The Ocean under Pressure” and revision of the remaining. APLM also collaborated in the dissemination of the Contest through its website and Facebook page and in the elaboration of brief articles related to the themes to be addressed by the students that were published by DECO on the project's website.

New Action Edition - This is not my thing!


Have you noticed the garbage around you?

When you go to the beach, pay attention and record the marine debris you find: big, small and small…


Shoot and send* your photos to  or post on the event's Facebook page with the location, date and name.  Help us create a record of marine litter that appears on Portuguese beaches this summer!


When possible, we suggest that you collect the rubbish and place it in a nearby container. Help us clean up the beaches and raise awareness among the people around you!


This campaign has the support of APA, ABAE, Brigada do Mar, CIMA, Docapesca, Ecozoic, FCT-UNL, GEOTA, LPN, Municipality of Alcobaça, Museu do Mar Rei D. Carlos - Cascais, OMA, Quercus, Sciaena, SPEA and Recoverable Tare.  


*The photos will be released and used to create a database on marine litter in Portugal. By submitting your photo, you are granting APLM a royalty-free license. APLM undertakes to respect, in all situations provided for, the authorship of the photograph.


Press release  

  Video - This is not my beach at Minuto Verde (SIC)


CurtMAR Project


The project CurtMAR: Animation Short Films in Portuguese Language aims to activate young people towards sea and ocean literacy. Through the art of audiovisual animation, as a form of expression, they will learn, create and spread their messages!


This competition is aimed at young people in secondary and professional education, from north to south of mainland Portugal and the archipelagos of the Azores and Madeira.  


For more information, see the documents: CurtMAR 2015/2016 , Regulations , Application Form and Declaration of Interest and Commitment .  


Brigada do Mar performs Beach Cleaning from Tróia to Melides from 7th to 17th May
Sea Brigade  


From the 7th to the 17th of May 2015, Brigada do Mar will be cleaning the magnificent beaches of the Municipality of Grândola for the seventh consecutive year.



All volunteers have personal accident insurance and we guarantee accommodation and meals for volunteers who participate in 2 or more days of cleanup.




In order to better manage the action's support logistics, we request that registrations be carried out through the following  form.  



Youth Exchange "BlueMed Action - Save our Marine"
Sea Brigade  


The Youth Exchange "BlueMed Action-Save our Marine" aims to raise awareness and inform young people both locally and in Europe about the causes of marine pollution and the importance of each of us contributing to the preservation of the seas and oceans.  The project will involve 30 young people from 6 Mediterranean countries: Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, Portugal and Greece, who share the same
environmental concerns.

DATES: May 19th to 26th, 2015

VACANCY: 4 participants between 18 and 30 years old.

FOOD AND STAY: 100% financed by the Erasmus+ program and are the responsibility of the Greek hosting organization.
  Participants will be accommodated at AKTI HOTEL - 

TRAVEL COSTS: Co-financed by the Erasmus+ program up to €270. (The participant buys their trips and the Greek partner refunds up to a maximum of €270, if the travel costs exceed €270 this excess amount is borne by the participant).


Access more information  


New legislation on plastic bags
APLM, February 16, 2015  


The new legislation on plastic bags came into force on February 15, 2015. At this time, each lightweight plastic bag (thickness less than 50 microns) with handles, supplied to consumers at the point of sale of goods or products is subject to a tax of €0.08 + VAT. The Portuguese Environment Agency released a video and other documents to clarify the population about the new rules.




Information Leaflet

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ 1)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ 2)




Crowdfunding campaign for the book "Graciosa, A Baleia Vaidosa" until December 5th
APLM, November 8, 2014


Graciosa has a baby and celebrates with a huge order from Mr. Octopus-Purple: a necklace made of material abundant in the oceans, marine litter!


The necklace was beautiful and the whale was even prettier, but whether adrift in the oceans or arranged in a beautiful necklace, marine litter always brings problems and Graciosa sees her greatest treasure in danger!


In this book for children, by Sofia Quaresma, we see that carelessness and disrespect for marine ecosystems put the lives of thousands of marine animals at risk. Maria Silva's illustrations will bring to life and look at our author's stories. Escola de Mar is the promoter of this initiative.


Access the campaign


Beat the Microbead app receives prestigious nomination
APLM, July 19, 2014


The anti-microsphere application in cosmetics: "Beat the Microbead" is nominated for the World Summit Award (WSA-mobile) in the Environment and Health category. WSA-Mobile is a global initiative under the Plan of Action of the World Summit of Nations United Nations Information Society (WSIS), carried out in collaboration with UNESCO, UNIDO and UN GAID.

There are 175 countries in competition and the objective is to promote the best in the world in mobile content and innovative applications. Winning applications will be announced at the WSA-mobile World Congress in Abu Dhabi.

In Portugal, APLM continues to contribute to the dissemination of this mobile application (app) and to the generation of an international database, inviting the active participation of citizens!
You can download the app at and upload photos of barcodes; front and back of toiletries and cosmetics that contain or are free of microplastics to

Exhibition "Sea without Garbage, Oceans of Life"
Municipality of Almada and APLM, July 22, 2014


THE  exposure  "Sea Without Garbage, Oceans of Life", which results from a  joint initiative of  Portuguese Association of Marine Waste and  Almada City Council will be inaugurated  next day  22 July, by  18:00 at the CMIA (Environmental Monitoring and Interpretation Center) in Costa da Caparica.  


With the installation as the centerpiece  Balaena plasticus ,  built from objects collected on the beaches of Almada,  this exhibition takes us on a journey into the world of marine litter, a global problem that affects the oceans,  biodiversity and our quality of life. The initiative, framed in the Local Strategy for Education for Sustainability, aims to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the oceans and coastal ecosystems, emphasizing how each one of us can contribute to protecting them.


The exhibition will be open to the public until 30 September.


More information (schedules and guided tours)

APLM launches campaign This is not my thing!
APLM, July 21, 2014


The Portuguese Association of Marine Garbage (APLM) invites all vacationers who visit the beach to photograph the marine debris they find, from the largest to the smallest, and send the photos to , along with the name of the author, place and date. In this way it will be possible to draw a picture of the state of Portuguese beaches made by all who are willing to participate in this common cause.


The photos will be released  and used to create a database on marine litter in Portugal. By submitting your photo, you are granting APLM a royalty-free license . APLM undertakes to respect, in all situations provided for, the authorship of the photograph.


More information

APLM and Quercus deliver their opinion to the Parliamentary Groups on the excessive use of plastic bags
APLM, July 2, 2014


On July 3, International Day without Plastic Bags, APLM and Quercus will deliver to all Parliamentary Groups of the Assembly of the Republic an opinion on the impacts of the use of plastic, as well as a proposal to reduce consumption and the free distribution of disposable bags.


See full story

The new edition of the Brigada do Mar beach cleaning is underway
Brigada do Mar, May 12, 2014


With the High Sponsorship of His Excellency the President of the Republic, from the 10th to the 25th of May 2014 the Brigada do Mar is carrying out for the sixth consecutive year what is probably the largest beach cleaning in the world.

There are 15 days of intervention on a 45-kilometre stretch of the Atlantic front between the beaches of Melides and Tróia, most of which are essentially deserted or non-concessed areas, but with a unique biodiversity that is urgently needed to be protected. It is an action that involves more than 200 volunteers, a complex logistical organization and that will be one of the events representing Portugal in the Let's Clean Up Europe 2014 initiative.


See press release

First list of products for sale in Portugal that contain plastic microspheres available

APLM, April 22, 2014

The first list of products, on sale in Portugal, which contain plastic microspheres is now available.


The products are classified by colors (red - contains microspheres), orange (still contains microspheres, but the manufacturer indicated that it will replace them within a certain period or adapt the product), green (free of microspheres).


This list will be updated and soon the smartphone application will also be available


Portugal already has an association dedicated to marine litter

APLM, 26th of November  in  2013


On November 25, the Portuguese Association of Marine Garbage (APLM) was founded in a meeting at the Portuguese Environment Agency, which was attended by more than 25 individual participants and representatives of various entities.  


Among the various individual participants who carry out work in the area, either professionally or personally, the presence of some entities that were represented, such as the Blue Flag Association of Europe, the Portuguese Plastics Industry Association, the Brigada do Mar, stands out. Global Garbage, Surfrider Foundation Lisbon, Azores Sea Observatory and the coordinator of the Coastwatch Portugal project.


During the meeting, the statutes were approved and the governing bodies of APLM were elected. Paula Sobral, a professor at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and who has been working with marine litter for several years, will be the association's president.


APLM intends to establish partnerships with Portuguese-speaking countries to carry out joint actions on the theme of marine litter, which has already earned it the recognition and support of the UNEP ( United Nations Environmental Program ).

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