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EduMar - know to care

New APLM Project for Ocean Literacy


The EduMar project is aimed at students from pre-school to secondary, educators and the surrounding community, promotes knowledge about the ocean and promotes behavior change.

  • It develops pedagogical tools and uses the arts as a learning vehicle.

  • It conceives environmental education actions and, together with the students, creates four educational and cooperative games.

  • It streamlines scientific lectures and designs two training courses, one for teachers and the other for educational assistants.

The project started at the end of January 2020 and will run for a year.

It is developed by APLM - Portuguese Association of Marine Waste, in partnership with two Blue Schools -  Benedita's Cooperative Externship  and  Valssasina College .

Project financed by the Program  EEA Grants Portugal  - Blue Growth.

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