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Portuguese Conference on Marine Waste

Downloadable presentations (pdf)

Note: only presentations whose authors so authorize are available

"Microplastics" research workshop

Microplastics in Portugal: environmental concentrations and their consequences | Joana Prata, Beatriz RBO Lavorante

The role of microplastics as vectors of heavy metals in marine environments | Bernardo Duarte, João Canning-Clode, Patrício Ramalhosa, Nuno Vaz, João Miguel Dias, Filipa Bessa, João Carlos Marques, Isabel Caçador

Presence of potential microplastics in fish of commercial interest in the estuarine environment  Filipa Bessa, Pablo Barria, João M. Neto, Paula Sobral, João Carlos Marques

Panel: Science and technology - industry as an active part

Plastic ingestion by Pelagodroma marina hypoleuca in the Selvagens Islands, North Atlantic, Portugal | Ricardo Furtado, MARE ISPA

Homo Plasticum | Manuel Simão, Plasticum

Transforming Plastic Waste and Marine Garbage into New Products and Raw Materials | Sandra Castro, Extruplas

Panel: Economy and society

Fishing for a sea without garbage | Tânia Pereira, Docapesca

Activities promoting active citizenship within the scope of Marine Pollution | Carla Dias, Externato Cooperativo da Benedita

We are solution | Simão Acciaioli, Brigade of the Sea

Coastwatch - A participatory citizenship project | Teresa Lemos/Carla Pacheco, GEOTA

Nature doesn't create garbage: Economy learns some lessons in Ecology and Biomimics | Nuno Oliveira, Sun Concept - Solar Boat Builders

Panel: International initiatives, legislation and policies

Characterization of Marine Waste on beaches – results of the national monitoring program | Isabel Moura, APA

Marine litter in the European context – DQEM and OSPAR Action Plan | Sandra Moutinho, DGRM


PALMA Action Plan for Marine Waste in the Azores | Filipe Porteiro, DRAM Azores

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