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1st Portuguese Conference on Marine Waste
Microplastics research workshop

15th - 17th September 2016

Create partnerships to reduce the impacts of marine litter



This year, APLM organizes for the first time a Portuguese conference on marine litter ( 1st CPLM ). At this conference, works that have been developed in Portugal in recent years will be presented and the Portuguese Partnership for Marine Waste will be formalized through the signing of a letter of commitment between the interested parties.


This event will give visibility to a community that already includes many stakeholders, united around the idea of reducing marine litter, and will strengthen ties between the various sectors of society, in a perspective of co-responsibility for change, both social and business .


This conference is associated with a " Research Workshop on Microplastics " organized by MARE - Centro de Ciências  of the Sea and the Environment, with the support of APLM,  and that will take place in the afternoon of the 15th of September . On Saturday 17, activities are planned to commemorate the National Day for Cleaning Beaches , instituted by APLM in 2015, together with international initiatives of the same scope (Ocean Conservancy, USA and Marine Litter Watch, European Environment Agency)


This conference is free for members.

All those interested in this conference, including members, must register (registration) .

NOTE: APLM associates this event with a fundraising campaign for members, who will be able to register this year at a special price and participate in the conference (see more information in the section " How to become a member ").


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